AQUA TUTA™ is a spin-off of Algasol, which has developed a water treatment technology based on convective reaction, with a wide range of applications for wastewater treatment in various industries, with:  

  • The most cost-efficient CAPEX
  • The most cost-efficient OPEX
  • The smallest footprint (2m2)
  • The highest productivity/m2 
  • Processes up to 240m3/24hr

AQUA TUTA™ makes water treatment more affordable than ever and shatters barriers to new markets in sustainable water management.

List of potential challenges that can be solved by the AT10 Industrial Unit
Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
Total Suspended solids (TSS)
Sedimentable Solids (SS)
Fats and solids
Total phosphorous ( P)
Total Nitrogen (N)

Aqua Tuta is used by various industries, including alcohol distilleries, wine and beer, aquaculture, textile and dye, feed lots (cattle, pigs, poultry), petroleum, crop industries, African palm, coffee and sugar industries.

ZLD – Zero Liquid Discharge